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AfterShokz is here to help you stay determined to reach new goals.

As you remain passionate about what you’ve set out to achieve, so will we. Keep chasing what you’re passionate about like pro athletes Michelle and Stu, and you could help inspire others on their sporting journey too.


We always love hearing how passionate about you are about your sporting life, and how your passion fuels your goals, so we want to hear your stories!

There are two ways you can tell us your stories:

1. On social media; tag us in your Instagram posts @AfterShokzUK and use the hashtags #AfterShokzUK & #ShokzsquadUK

2. Submit your story in the link below, and we could feature your story on the AfterShokz blog.

Your Reward

If your story is featured on our blog, you will receive

A £20 Amazon Gift Voucher

Plus, If we feature your photo stories on our social channels, you can be in with the chance of being randomly selected to win a

20% Discount Voucher

which can be used on Aeropex Bundle on our website

Terms and Conditions

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